Noted forensic expert and Chief Medical Examiner Mary Dudley, M.D., M.S., R.N., provides the medical, law enforcement, first responders, and the legal communities with exceptional Forensic Medical Investigation Courses and publications.

Keeping up with advances in forensic science, clinical forensic medicine, and medico-legal death investigation is a critical part of being prepared as a healthcare, legal, or law enforcement professional.  It requires a constant updating of knowledge, hands-on training, and access to resource materials.  Your competence is constantly evaluated in the courts and in your interactions with other law enforcement professionals and the public.  Dr. Mary Dudley has developed a set of resources that can assist you in the development of the skills and competencies required to succeed in your profession.

The next course offering is April 26-27 and will be a Forensic Radiology Course. 


The series of forensic publications not only prepare you for certification but provide an on-going resource to assist you in your work.

Courses and material are designed for any of the following professionals:

bullet Death Investigators
bullet Forensic Nurses
bullet Prehospital and hospital personnel
bullet Law Enforcement
bullet Physicians
bullet Attorneys
bullet Funeral Professionals
bullet Donor Personnel


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